Monday, 22 February 2010

What i'm listening to #1

4 song I've been listening to/would recommend

1) Peggy Sue, Yo Mamma
A promising band (currently touring as the support for another great band, Local Natives) Peggy Sue have just released their debut album through Wichita Recordings. Positive reviews so far, this song is pretty, ethereal and soothing. The lovely vocals are quite possibly the best part about it.

2) Cymbals Eat Guitars, ...And The Hazy Sea
From New York and have released one album 'Why There Are Mountains' which is also well worth a listen. This song is really quite addictive and is very contrasting throughout, an effective tecnique and it does remind me of the sea.

3) Dananananaykroyd, Some Dresses
Best Name. Ever. I love this band, energetic, crazy and charming (They do a wall of hugs at their gigs, like a wall of death but oh so much friendlier ) Something to listen to when getting ready for your prom to cheer you up.

Xiu Xiu, Dear God I Hate Myself
Xiu Xiu (pronounced Shoe-Shoe) acquired taste however I find their music a worthy acquisition. Haunting music, dark lyrics and a twisted sense of humour. Truly beautiful, but maybe don't listen to it after 10 PM if you want to sleep easily...

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