Monday, 2 August 2010


The debut single from Teeth (or TEETH!!!, T3ETH and T∑∑TH as they can be known) is released by Moshi Moshi on the 16th of August, which means until then if you want to hear some of their music you'll have to visit their
myspace, where you can in fact hear the single, See Spaces, as well as a very enjoyable Dolby Anol remix of said song.

They make the kind of music that listening to and remaining still at the same time is basically impossible, another of their tracks, Confusion, feels a bit like HEALTH put through some sort of Bikini Kill filter which can only be a very good thing.

As summer slowly draws closer to its end, expect to hear Teeth echoing out over dark fields filled with drunk teenagers dancing
very energetically. Because that's what this music makes you feel like doing, going out and having a good time whilst listening to great songs.

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