Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Audio Antihero Interview and Nosferatu D2 as Artist Of The Month

Tomorrow night on my radio show I will be airing my interview with Jamie, whose record label Audio Antihero posthumously released (as it were, none of the band members are dead, just the band) Nosferatu D2’s incredible album “We’re Going To Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise”.

He told me all about the future of Audio Antihero, how Nosferatu D2 and the other artist on his lable, Benjamin Shaw got signed as well as much more.

You can hear the interview on my radio show through Spark Radio ( from 8pm on Thursday 30th October (tomorrow).

Nosferatu D2 are my current Artist Of The Month so after the show I will be putting the interview on here for all to hear as well as a bit more information about them for those not in the know.

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