Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rachael Jensen Leaves Parenthetical Girls

In a post on their website it has been revealed that Rachael Jensen has left Parenthetical Girls to “pursure a higher education”.

Zac Pennington said that she is “in many ways the heart of the thing called Parenthetical Girls” but the band also “continues in many ways stronger than it has ever been, with new stock and new excitement”.

For me, Parenthetical Girls are a band I hear and get this overwhelming urge to go and tell someone just how really really amazingly great they are, (normally with that slightly giddy grasp of grammar) and while this is certainly sad news, the fact that they will be continuing to make music is always exciting. I’m already curious to see what will be next for them.

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  1. I'll miss seeing Rachel on stage with them in her quirky outfits. But as long as Zac's making music I'll be more than content. He's so great live......


    I saw you followed my tumblr, cool blog 'n' stuff :)