Wednesday, 25 July 2012

An Apology and Some Reviewing

Like many other things in the UK, Lobandwidth will grind to a halt during the Olympic period (that includes my radio show), due to ‘circumstances beyond my control’. Radio, blogging, reviewing and all of that will resume from around the 14th August.
Rather than leaving you with a gaping hole in your life/dashboard here are a few recommendations to tide you over:

Playlounge have been announced as support for Johnny Foreigner VS London part 3. Fuzzy guitar mixed with gorgeously melodic guitar hooks, echoing vocals and surreal titles, their thrash-pop with a charismatic lo-fi/bedroom recording feel is set to be the perfect companion to Jo-Fo. Also playing that night are Her Parents, who don’t seem to have anything available to listen to online, but as they’re made up from members of Dananananaykroyd, Internet Forever and Stairs To Korea it’s got to be good.

Gross Magic’s ‘Teen Jamz EP’ is full of 90s indie influences, but it’s clear they’ve also got a strong talent for making their music extremely catchy. Sweetest Touch sounds like the soundtrack to a Freaks & Geeks-esque TV show and it’s taking the nostalgia popularised by Best Coast/Wavves to a new level.

Xiu Xiu are something of a favourite here at LBW (in case you haven’t guessed), they’ve got a new single out on cassette and vinyl. But that’s not what’s caught my eye, a fan-run tumblr has uncovered this recording of Jamie Stewart covering the Pixies’ ‘Gigantic’ (from 1995!). It’s difficult to make a cover stand up to the original, especially with such an incredible song, but Stewart does it marvellously.

Euan Lynn’s brilliantly titled four-track EP ‘She’s So Rad But I’m So Sad’ is a mix of “surfy-punk” and Game Boy based electronica. Starting off with a Scott Pilgrim reference it’s as noisy yet enjoyable as you might expect.

And if you missed it last time I posted about them, make sure you check out The Bronze Medal. Their set at Bristol Harbor Festival was incredible, especially considering only 2/5 were well enough to play, and they only had an hour’s notice. A really great band, worth keeping an eye on.

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