Monday, 15 April 2013

TOTD // 090; Pure X ~ Someone Else

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Atmospheric and dreamy, like something off the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Pure X mix beautiful reverb and equally beautiful guitar melodies on this is a gentle, psychedelic indie pop waltz. Painfully personal lyrics are hissed, the vocals that dodge between are delicate yet soulful, and powerful but raw (with a tonal quality and range reminiscent of Christopher Owens from the now-deceased Girls, and a touch of that particular charm Girls brought to guitar music).

This track more than stands up to repeat listening, in fact it’s of such a quality that it’s almost impossible not to keep on clicking that play button. The track is taken from the Austin three-piece’s second album ‘Crawling Up The Stairs‘, which will be released May 13th on Merok Records, and you can grab it as a free download here.

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